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Franchise Law Case Wins

Franchisee Defeated Non-Compete Agreement

In ServiceMaster v. Fred and Marlene Geyen (2000), we defeated the franchisor’s efforts to enforce a post-termination covenant not to compete.  The Court allowed the franchisee to compete.


Franchise Law Contract Interference Rewards Compensatory and Punitive Damages

In Furlev Sales and Associates, Inc. v. North American Automotive Warehouse, Inc., we sought and obtained a jury award of compensatory and punitive damages against the individual owner of the corporate party to the contract with our clients, for tortious interference with the contract.


Franchisee Defeated Non-Compete Agreement

In Moseley’s & Company et al. v. The Maxim Group Inc. and GCO, Inc., the court refused to enforce a covenant not to compete against our franchisee client, who had taken down the franchisor’s signs and operated independently.


Franchisee Defeated Non-Compete Agreement

In Sona Laser Centers v. Amoruso, a franchisee terminated its relationship with the franchisor who then sought to enjoin the franchisee from operating, pursuant to the non-compete in the franchise agreement.  We defeated the franchisor’s motion, such that the franchisee was allowed to operate as an independent business.