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Big Wins

Each Dady & Gardner, P.A., franchisee attorney is proud of the firm’s record of victories on behalf of their clients. Many of these victories are measured in money damages—in one case, exceeding a quarter of a billion dollars. In other cases, we’ve won the “priceless” award of having a court declare that our client can stay in business and continue being a productive member of the franchise community. Here are some of the adversaries we have faced.

The decisions you will find if you click on the links below represent cases that lawyers from Dady & Gardner, P.A., have litigated, but are only the tip of the iceberg. Fully 98 percent of all civil disputes settle before they get to court, and such settlements are usually confidential. Thus, what you see in most of these decisions are the results of cases which have gone the distance to a full verdict.

Franchise Termination

Franchise Law – Fraud and Misrepresentation

Mergers and Acquisitions and Policy Changes


  • Recovered approximately $5 million in lost value due to Franchisor’s unreasonable withholding of approval of a transfer for a multi-unit franchisee. (2018)
  • Negotiated the resale of master franchise rights from franchisee back to the franchisor in China for approximately $700,000. (2017)
  • Negotiated a system wide-infusion of capital by franchisor, including new equipment purchased by the franchisor for all franchisees, multiple $10s of millions of dollars into ad fund and loan guarantees by the franchisor for franchisee remodels.  Total package worth more than $250 million dollars. (2015)