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Big Wins

Big Wins

Each Dady & Gardner franchisee attorney is proud of the firm’s record of victories on behalf of their clients.  Many of these victories are measured in money damages—in one case, exceeding a quarter of a billion dollars.  In other cases, we’ve won the “priceless” award of having a court declare that our client can stay in business and continue being a productive member of the franchise community.

The decisions you will find if you click on the links below represent cases that lawyers from Dady & Gardner have litigated, but are only the tip of the iceberg.  Fully 98 percent of all civil disputes settle before they get to court, and such settlements are usually confidential.  Thus, what you see in most of these decisions are the results of cases which have gone the distance to a full verdict.

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Franchise Termination

Franchise Dealer Termination Jury Award

  • In 2017 Jeff Haff, along with South Dakota counsel David Edwards, received a favorable jury verdict for a terminated Isuzu Truck dealer. The South Dakota jury awarded $1.676 million against the Defendant, who was represented at trial by two of the most prominent defense firms in the nation. The amount of damages was remitted to $1,033,756.48 before the court added $802,246.04 in attorneys’ fees and costs to the reduced judgment, resulting in a total judgment of $1,836,223.52.

Franchise Terminations Reinstated

  • Successfully represented 24 automobile dealers (23 General Motors dealers and 1 Chrysler dealer), located in several different states, in connection with 24 individual arbitrations filed to obtain reinstatement of their 24 dealerships terminated after the bankruptcy filings of GM and Chrysler. We obtained reinstatement for all 24 dealerships, including an arbitrator’s award of reinstatement in favor of a Minnesota dealer. (2010)

Threatened Franchise Termination

  • Successfully represented a three-location fine dining franchisee, pushing back against the franchisor’s threatened termination of these franchise rights, as well as the franchisee’s significant exclusive territorial store development rights, and effected a successful sale of those three locations and those development rights, for 19 million dollars. (2019)
  • Successfully defended franchisor litigation seeking to unilaterally terminate its systemwide network of motor vehicle rental franchises and effected successful multimillion-dollar sales of those franchises. (2018)
  • Successfully resolved a multi-party dispute regarding the termination of master-franchise rights in India for an amount in excess of $3 million. (2018)
Franchise Law - Fraud and Misrepresentation
Franchise Law - Breach of Contract
Territorial Rights & Franchise Expansion