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Buying a Franchise / Agreement Review

Are you thinking about purchasing a franchise? Is your existing franchised business up for renewal? If so, let Dady & Gardner help you through the process. At Dady & Gardner, we utilize our extensive experience in working with franchisees to help you understand the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Franchise Agreement and we help you find potential trouble spots in your agreement before you commit.

Our franchise review includes a detailed report outlining the key terms of your franchise agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document and a follow-up telephone consultation to cover any remaining concerns. The detailed report includes an examination of key areas such as:

  • Protection Against Same-Brand Competition;
  • Termination and Renewal Rights;
  • The Franchisor’s Obligations;
  • Your Obligations;
  • Dispute Resolution Procedures;
  • Sale and Transfer Restrictions;
  • Non-Competition Provisions; and
  • Other Applicable Franchise Laws

We also assist you by suggesting changes to the agreement as written and can help you negotiate changes with your franchisor.

By allowing us to assist you before making the long-term commitment of becoming a franchisee or renewing your existing franchise agreement, we can attempt to help you save time and money by avoiding common issues found in franchise agreements before they become problems.

The cost for this review is a flat fee of $2,500.

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