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Changes in Supplier of Franchisor Policy

Franchisors and suppliers sometimes put dealers and franchisees at a disadvantage through changes in policies.  These may range from new and expensive requirements to upgrade or change facilities, requirements to install new equipment at unreasonably high costs, reductions in territories, or changes in terms of sale.  The number of changes in policy are limitless and the types can vary endlessly.

At Dady & Gardner, we view a franchisor’s change in policy that has a detrimental effect on the franchisee or dealer as a serious matter:  it may amount to a breach of contract, a fraud, or simply bad business that ought to be corrected.  We have had significant success in addressing these changes in policy through litigation, negotiation, mediation, and the organization of associations of franchisees or dealers to address them.  In some cases, we have been able to roll back policies; in other cases we have succeeded in negotiating changes in the dealer’s or franchisee’s favor; and in other cases our franchise attorneys have obtained money damages.  Please see our Big Cases – Policy Changes for further information.

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