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Automobile, Truck, And Construction Equipment Franchise Dealers

The economic crisis is bringing drastic changes to the motor vehicle industry. Brand elimination, dealer consolidation, manufacturer bankruptcies and dealer bankruptcies are already in process or are imminent.

For over 30 years, the lawyers at Dady & Gardner have helped automobile, truck, and construction equipment dealers to survive and to adapt to such changes and to recover fair compensation when wronged.

Dady & Gardner lawyers have a long history of protecting car and vehicle dealers including:

  • Obtaining rulings that General Motors’ withdrawal of the Oldsmobile line violated the Minnesota Automobile Dealer Protection Act.
  • Obtaining injunctions against manufacturer termination of dealers without good cause.
  • Protecting dealers against encroachment by other dealers.
  • Winning damages for wrongful termination.

To date, more than ever, it is important that car dealers know their rights, both under their contracts, and under applicable state and federal laws. We can assist you in understanding your rights as we move forward during these troubling and uncertain times. Specifically, we can help you answer these questions:

  • What if the manufacturer wipes out my main line of cars?
    • Your dealer agreement may provide protection against elimination of the line, or, more importantly, your state laws may treat elimination of a line as an unlawful termination of the franchise.
  • What if my manufacturer wants to eliminate my dealership or try to consolidate me with another dealer?
    • Again, your dealer agreement may provide some of the answers, but state law, and the court decisions under it, may give you the right to stay in business or give you control over any proposed “consolidation.”
  • Where do I stand if my manufacturer merges with another company?
    • Dady & Gardner has a long history of assisting dealers and franchisees with the consequences of mergers and acquisitions by their manufacturers and franchisors.

Most importantly, what can you be doing NOW to anticipate and prepare for the future?

The best defense against a declining economy and uncertainty in the market place is knowledge of your legal rights and options.

You need to know your rights, and you need to know how to use them to protect yourself in the coming months and years.

Please feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation on your rights and liabilities and how we may be able to help you moving forward.


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