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Franchise Termination/Nonrenewal

Sometimes, franchisors or suppliers attempt to terminate the relationship with their franchisee or dealer, even though the franchisee or dealer has done a good job.

Buying A Franchise/Agreement Review

Are you thinking about purchasing a franchise? Is your existing franchised business up for renewal? If so, let Dady & Gardner, P.A., help you through the process.

Franchise Breach Of Contract

Franchises frequently come to us to complain that the franchisors or suppliers are not doing what they said they would do at the outset of their agreements.

Franchise Fraud And Misrepresentation

Even in this day and age, it is not unusual for franchisors and suppliers to mislead their franchisees. We have won substantial verdicts and achieved large settlements for franchisees.

Franchise Associations

We can help franchisees organize a franchisee association. Franchise associations serve many purposes. They enable franchisees to talk to one another; they give franchisees strength in numbers.

Territorial Protection And Franchise Expansion

With the increasing pressures from competitors, many franchisors try to increase the number of units that they have, often at the expense of existing franchisees.

Automobile, Truck And Construction Equipment Franchise Dealers

The economic crisis is bringing drastic changes to the motor vehicle industry. Brand elimination, dealer consolidation, manufacturer bankruptcies and dealer bankruptcies are already in process or are imminent.

Group Franchise Representation

It is often the case that there is power in numbers. Frequently, groups of franchisees come to us to see if we can assist them with common problems that they are having.

Franchise Mergers And Acquisitions

The merger or acquisition of a franchisor or supplier is usually a matter of great concern for existing franchisees or dealers. It may mean that two competing systems are now going to exist as one and raises questions.

Changes In Supplier Of Franchisor Policy

Franchisors and suppliers sometimes put dealers and franchisees at a disadvantage through changes in policies. These may range from new and expensive requirements to upgrade or change facilities.

Other Unfair Practices

At Dady & Gardner, P.A., we are regularly confronted by franchisor or supplier conduct that does not necessarily fit the mold of historical wrongdoing. We are, nonetheless, often reminded that if a practice appears to be unfair, it is likely to be found to be unlawful.