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3 ways to protect your trade secrets

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2022 | Franchise Agreements, Trade Secrets

Trade secrets may be the backbone of your company. Your business might not be where it is today. Having your trade secrets leaked or stolen could damage your business significantly.

The best thing you can do to prevent your trade secrets from being leaked is by taking preventative action.

Physical copies of your trade secrets

Many companies have physical copies of their trade secrets. This can be a way to limit who has access to business secrets. Place your trade secrets behind lock and key. You may even take further security by installing cameras and security systems.

Limit digital copies of your trade secrets

Many companies are making their trade secrets digital. This can be of great use if your company needs to access the secrets often.

Digital trade secrets, however, may be easier to access or hacked. Consider who has access to your digital trade secrets and ensure your security is up-to-date.

Have non-disclosure agreements

Your trade secrets may be shared between your executives and employees so your business can run smoothly. You don’t, however, want people to leave the company and take trade secrets with them.

Consider creating non-disclosure agreements that prevent people from revealing trade secrets. This doesn’t guarantee that everyone will honor their agreements, and you may still need to reach out for legal help if there is a breach of contract.

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