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Dady & Gardner – Franchisee Lawyers

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2013 | The Dady & Gardner Blog

Dady & Gardner – Franchisee Lawyers

Franchising is a well-established business model that, when properly executed, offers the benefits of small business ownership and the benefits of association with a large and well-established business entity, the franchisor.

Dady & Gardner franchise attorneys serve as a tremendous resource for those looking to take the first step towards purchasing and operating a successful franchised business.

What Franchisee Attorneys Do?

A franchise agreement is a huge commitment to enter into. A franchise relationship can be a 20+ year commitment that may require an initial investment of anywhere from $40,000 to over $10,000,000. A franchise relationship has many variables to understand and plenty of paperwork to navigate- the franchise agreement itself can often exceed 50 pages. The Franchise Disclosure Document often exceeds 200 pages.

Dady & Gardner’s franchise attorneys work with you to review and negotiate the terms of your franchise contract, help you understand what the document entails, and develop an understanding of the long-term obligations of both parties.

Additionally, a franchise lawyer will be a constant throughout the life of your businesses, offering protection against terminations, non-renewals; advice on contractual rights and selling franchise interests; and any other franchise law issue that could surface.

How Are Franchise Lawyers Different from General Practice Lawyers? :

Just like lawyers who focus on bankruptcy law, criminal law, or tax law, a franchise attorney is well versed in the legalese and best practices necessary to represent and defend franchisee entrepreneurs. You wouldn’t have your general practice doctor perform surgery on you; you would go to a surgeon. You wouldn’t have a workers’ compensation lawyer represent you in your divorce; you would get a divorce lawyer. Why would you then ask a general practice lawyer to represent you in a franchise matter? The answer is – you shouldn’t, you should use a qualified franchise attorney.

How to Hire Your Own Franchise Attorney:

Once you’ve decided to secure the services of a franchise lawyer, you must determine which attorney to hire. There are many important things to consider before selecting the firm who will represent your concerns as a franchise owner:

  • Expertise – Dady & Gardner’s franchise law experts are industry leaders who have assisted all varieties of franchises with their business success.
  • Certification – Chambers USA, which honors law firms in areas of excellence, ranked Dady & Garder as the top franchisee law firm in 2012 and 2013.
  • Transparency – Our franchise law experts take complex legal issues and educate our clients in simple and transparent terms.
  • Testimonials – Dady & Gardner has worked with numerous franchisors and franchisees across a number of disciplines. Their high praise speaks to our skills.

The Dady & Gardner team of franchise lawyers offer franchise legal services that include:

For more information on securing Dady & Gardner’s premiere franchise law services, contact us today!

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