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How should franchisees use social media?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Franchise Agreements, Marketing

Marketing and brand building are easier than ever before because companies have more direct access to their target audiences. The average prospective customer you want to gain interest in your company probably spends a bit of their time on social media every day.

You no longer have to invest thousands of dollars in billboards, television ads or radio commercials to reach your target audience. You can upload a picture, write a clever caption, and see your customers sharing it within minutes on social networks.

Of course, social media can just as easily do serious damage to a business. As you might imagine, what you do on social media will have a profound impact on your company. As a franchise owner, the rules that govern your social media use will be different than the rules for other entrepreneurs.

Your franchise agreement likely deals with marketing

The chances are good that your franchise agreement makes your marketing rights very clear. Franchisors tend to place restrictions on how a franchisee markets itself, in order to prevent damage to the franchise brand. There are likely rules regarding social media management as well.

For example, some franchisors do not want individual franchise locations to maintain separate social media accounts. Other franchisors require social media promotion and online customer service. Before you start thinking about developing a social media marketing campaign or hiring a professional to grow your brand online, you will need to review your franchise agreement.

Your company probably needs its own social media policy

Some franchisors have contracts for workers that the individual locations can use. Other franchisors leave those decisions to individual franchisees.

If you have the option of creating your own contract or if the franchise agreement does not cover social media, you will need to consider limiting what your employees share online. This could include restricting their ability to list you as their employer or limiting how they discuss what happens at work. There are many other rules you can use to control the possible damage social media can do to a franchise.

Reviewing your franchise agreement and thinking carefully about your marketing goals can help you make the most of social media without damaging your business or violating your franchise agreement.

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