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How much does name recognition matter?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2022 | Buying A Franchise

Nothing guarantees success with a franchise. Franchise locations can still fail, even when the company/franchisor has been very successful. If you’re thinking about opening a franchise location yourself, you need to know that it will still take work and dedication to have success. There’s no franchise you can acquire that guarantees your business will be profitable.

That being said, one of the biggest things that you get with a franchise is name recognition. You can sell products or services that people have used before. Even those who have technically never been to your specific location may have been to others across the country.

For example, consider a family on a road trip. If they decide that it’s time to stop for lunch and they don’t recognize the names of any of the restaurants, they have to pick one and hope they enjoy it. But if they recognize the name of the franchise, they’ll know what they’re getting – so they may be more likely to choose it.

Online search results

Name recognition also can help your franchise because it means people are more likely to search for you.

In the example above, the family likely doesn’t know the names of any of the restaurants that are near them while on the road trip. If they decide to search online for a place to get food or if they look on their GPS, they’re more likely to search for franchises they’ve already heard of. They are never going to Google the name of a small business that they haven’t encountered before, but they will Google the name of a national franchise.

Buying a franchise

Name recognition is just one benefit of franchise ownership. If you’re interested in acquiring a franchise, know what steps to take.

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